The Importance of a Film’s Score and Soundtrack

Importance of Sound in Web Videos and Films

Posted on September 26, 2014

[pullquote]Why does Hollywood spend millions to produce original music for movies?  Because properly employed film scores and soundtracks will captivate the audience![/pullquote]

Publishing video on a commercial website has become a game-changer for many businesses.  However, I’m amazed at how often sound is overlooked in web-published videos.   Incorporation of sound in an online film or video is of equal importance, or even more important, than the quality of the visual.   Well-timed music will elevate a modest film into an impressive presentation.  It will stir emotion and create tension at just the right moment.  More importantly, this extra effort in film-making can win over customers, who otherwise would go to a competitor.


How a Movie Trailer can be Better than the Movie

To illustrate how sound has an emotional effect on an audience, I took a couple of hours to compose a very simple homemade movie trailer.  This parody movie trailer is the perfect example of how a film score can stir drama and excitement.

How a Film’s Sound Subtly Impacts the Audience

All footage presented in this video was shot and edited on my iPhone 5c.  The raw videos I used were fairly boring.  So boring, in fact, there’s no way my footage could hold an audience without employing a score or some other technique to create drama.  How exciting can an uneventful walk with two dogs really be?

Take note of how certain video clips are of varying quality.  One clip shows my thumb partially covering the lens.  Two clips are low-quality still photos employing the “Ken Burn’s Effect”.   Yet, the film’s score psychologically smooths over these flaws and keeps the story moving.   Most of this film was shot over three days during my regular dog-walk routine.

I must also mention… No animals were harmed in the making of the film.


Music in Business Web Videos

Although web videos have been around for several years, we’re now just witnessing the integration of scores for small commercial efforts.

The following two videos are pieces on Brooklyn Brine, a pickle company out of New York City.  Each video was produced by a different production house.  The content and storyline each director had at their disposal were basically the same – it was the same company story.  However, with contrasting scores employed for each film, a viewer could easily believe these videos were about two competing pickle companies.  Employing different scores on the same content can be a useful tool for marketing a product to distinct audiences.


Brooklyn Brine Film Marketed to a more Youthful Generation


Brooklyn Brine Video Marketed to a more Traditional Crowd

Written by Peter La Fond

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