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Your website is likely to be the first experience a customer has with your organization.  Yet, most small businesses lack the resources to publish an agency-grade website on their own.  If hiring an in-house designer and webmaster is beyond your budget, consider sub-contracting your website needs.  My Internet Scout can design, publish and maintain a state of the art website so your company stands out and gets noticed.  And, you can relax a little more.

How We Approach Website Design

Our design philosophy is based on three pillars…  Achieving client goals.  Accomplishing a great deal within the tightest of budgets.  Adhering to industry standards.

With these pillars in mind, we’ve chosen the WordPress engine as our exclusive web platform to build on.  WordPress provides a powerful framework where we can customize function and tailor aesthetics without the need to reinvent the wheel for each project.  A project that once would cost hundreds or tens of thousands to undertake, can now be done for a fraction of the price by employing the WordPress CMS.

We Employ WordPress’ Best-of-Breed (BoB)

Too often, WordPress software manufacturers go out of business or deprecate their products.   For this reason, MIS employs the ‘best-of-breed’ philosophy for choosing software and hardware from vendors. We only source software that’s regularly updated, has baseline support and is from a manufacturer with a proven track-record.

We Observe Best Practices for WordPress Websites

MIS employs acknowledged best practices for WordPress websites.  These practices include, but are not limited to: establishing layers of security, 3-2-1 backups, child themes, regular updates and adhering to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

How We Plan for and Implement a WordPress Website Project

An agency-quality website requires strategic planning and tactical execution. And in return, a certain amount of lead-time to flush out ideas, correspond with stakeholders and test software is called for.  To keep projects moving, My Internet Scout employs strategic-level and production-level procedural checklists across the infancy, pre-production, production, finalization and maintenance stages of a website project.

We excel at websites for the Home Improvement IndustryMy Internet Scout helped us successfully leverage ‘Buy Local‘ and ‘Family-owned‘ themes across a variety of marketing campaigns.  The strategies My Internet Scout recommended allowed us to out-maneuver name-brand competitors and contributed to increased sales over several years.
Jeff Olson, Rhino Shield of Northern California

We compose incredible websites for photographersPete is one of those highly knowledgeable resources any company needs on their team…His breadth of knowledge of both Word Press and SEO gives you a fast track on your web presence. He backs up his execution with in-depth knowledge and experience of the various WordPress components. He exemplifies a masters-level understanding, to your benefit.
Doug Cody, President of Bay Area Event Photography

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