Website Hosting and WordPress Maintenance Services

The Internet is perilous. We ensure your website survives in the wild.

Why get a WordPress Maintenance Plan?


To have WordPress help available when it’s crucial!

WordPress website owners are mostly unaware of the hazards that accompany the ownership of a self-hosted business-grade website. Don’t mistakenly assume your hosting company maintains the integrity of your website.  Nine times out of ten, technical maintenance and security is your responsibility.  Let My Internet Scout manage this for you.

When was the last time a malware scan was performed on your website?

Your website is open to the public 24/7.  A malware-infestation can damage your business’ reputation.  Almost 20% of websites either have active malware or reminants of malware.

Are you relunctant to update your website’s software?

Almost all WordPress updates fix bugs, correct incompatibilities and patch security vulnerabilites. Using outdated software opens you up to malware infestations.

How do you defend against hackers?

Symatec says hacking small business websites is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Not all visitors to your site are law-abiding or trustworthy.  The average small business website has dozens of hack attempts every month.

Let us be your WordPress Lifeline!

Our WordPress Maintenance is Different

Who we are

We’re an independently-own boutique marketing firm specializing in WordPress.

What we are not

We’re not a business owned by giant conglomerate pretending to be a small brand. You’d be surprised how many seemingly smaller web marketing brands are actually part of a large corporation.

WordPress is All We Do

My Internet Scout, LLC implements best practices, from software and security updates to backups. We’ll keep your website running and safeguarded. All of our clients know us on a first name basis. Each project has a dedicated MIS representative who appreciates the vision, needs and budgets of that client.

WordPress Maintenance by My Internet Scout
WordPress Maintenance Provisions

Included with Monthly Maintenance

Enhanced 3-2-1 site backups
Malware scanning
Update WordPress Core
Update Themes and Plugins
Setup and Maintain Standard Security
PHP version upgrades
Complimentary WordPress Small Business Hosting
Discounted hourly rate

Monthly Maintenance starts at $70 per month.

à la Carte Services

Fix white screen of death
Clean up malware
Configure and maintain SSL/HTTPS
Configure DNS
Fix broken links
Setup Child Theme
Site migrations between hosts
Setup redirects
Improve Site Speed
Optimize images
Setup Cloud Security firewalls
WooCommerce Troubleshooting
And others…

à la Carte Services billed hourly.

My Internet Scout’s Explanation of Website Maintenance Coverage

Interested in our WordPress Maintenance?

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