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Posted on January 15, 2013

Rhino Shield of California Website, a high-end exterior house painter 


This website is a good cross-section of different design elements.   When we first started working with Rhino Shield (July-2011), the purpose of the website re-fresh project was to increase the quality and number of sales leads the site produces for the company.  After the refresh, the leads that originated from the website increased in quality (there was less pre-appointment selling on the phone and more booking of sales appointments); and, the number of appointments increased by 4-fold.  Also, 2011 was the first year in company history for them to execute a contract during the off-season month of December (not just one contract, but two executed contracts in December).  Our approach to- and fulfillment on- Internet marketing resulted in Rhino Ceramic Coating, Inc.’s highest Return on Objective (ROO) amongst all other marketing strategies and venues they used, both online and traditional.

Some of the design highlights that may interest you include:

  • Photo Slider on the home page with original content and artwork.
  • A lead contact form and toll-free phone number on as many pages as possible.  My firm tracks which pages produce the most leads; this information allows us to iterate conversion success in future page or design changes.
  • Sub-title pops when hovering a mouse on a main menu item (this also helps with SEO)
  • SEO-friendly URLs for every page
  • At the bottom of each article (within the ‘Learn More…’ blog) there are suggestions for related articles  – blog article topics are determined, in part, on the popularity of keyword search terms.
  • ‘Watch our Videos’ page contains videos completely produced- or partially edited- videos by my firm – we are currently in post-production to publish a new video each month over the next three months.
  • The ‘Our Portfolio’ page includes a pop-out gallery (click on an image to initiate)

Written by Peter La Fond

Having lived most of his life in Northern California, Peter consults for organizations of all sizes on Internet marketing engagement, strategy and execution. He regularly speaks on website design techniques and WordPress. Peter is a graduate from California State University, Sacramento, and practices the ancient art of eating sushi with nose-hair-curling wasabi.

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