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Why have Videos for Websites?

Visual storytelling is the best way to engage customers and increase sales.  Website visitors process visual messaging faster than written copy alone.  And, videos are the most shared amongst all content categories.  Ideas for web-enabled films are listed on the right.

The following videos are examples of what we’ve done for Silicon Valley-based companies.  All of the projects were filmed on location.  The music, branded graphics and animations were added to each video during the post-production process.

Company Stories

Founder Biographies

Customer Testimonials



Corporate Serials

Instructional Voice-overs

Training Videos

Video Improved Rhino Shield Sales!

A few years back, Jeff Olson, the owner of Rhino Shield of Northern California, asked My Internet Scout to remake his company’s website.  During our discussions about the content portion of the website refresh, one product message led all of our conversations. The website needed to communicate how their product was much more than paint. Rhino Shield, while looking  just like paint, is a ceramic-based coating designed to protect homes from weathering. From the information Jeff provided, we decided to formulate a strategy of ‘showing‘ customers instead of ‘telling‘ customers the message by publishing a series of short films.  Here are two out of the six corporate serial episodes we produced.

Rhino Shield Customer Testimonial

Earning trust with prospective customers is an important ingredient for producing sales.  A common way to build trust via website is to publish written customer testimonials, reviews or endorsements.  More importantly, the most effective way to build trust is through the use of video testimonials.  Within 45 days of publishing these two Rhino Shield videos on the homepage, conversions of Rhino Shield website visitors to sales leads increased by 40%.  The good news is… The use of video endorsements is a long way from mass adoption.  Chances are, your competitors have yet to publish such endorsements.  It may be time for your company to consider the use of video on your homepage.

Visuals are the basis of storytelling.

Without our visual mind, the written and spoken word are useless.

What’s your video strategy?

Chances are, your competition is failing to leverage video and other visual cues on their website.  It’s time to Leapfrog industry rivals with visual storytelling!  Are you ready?

Association of Silicon Valley Brokers

Also known as “ASVB” to commercial real estate brokers, this professional organization donates tens of thousands of dollars each year to an assortment of local charities.  In 2013, ASVB  asked My Internet Scout to produce their 2014 promotional film to inform, touch and inspire its membership to donate to Next Door San Jose, a non-profit organization with the mission to end domestic violence.  To learn more about ASVB and Next Door San Jose, visit their websites at www.asvb.org and www.nextdoors.org.

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