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Dr. David Hill


Website audit, website design, rebrand and video editing.

The Dr. David Hill Conspectus

Dr. David Hill is an award-winning author and prominent physician consultant.

Dr. David Hill approached My Internet Scout in 2017 looking to improve the effectiveness of his website.  Being a physician consultant and an award winning author, he wanted to ensure that all improvements aligned with the achievements associated with the Dr. David Hill brand.

Our Approach

We started this project by undertaking a discovery process. Our initial examination revealed that physician consultancy is an emerging niche in the health industry. Beyond the casual career definition of what a ‘physician consultant’ does, we discerned there were very few medical doctors who actually marketed this type of vocation. The lack of niche market data led us to initiate a more extensive audit on competitor use of digital marketing as well as other overlooked online opportunities.

Our completed 40+ page Website audit provided our team a roadmap for the most appropriate improvement efforts.  The following a sample of how we took Dr. Hill’s brand and website to the next level.

The work we’ve done can be viewed at DoctorDavidHill.com

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Improvements Applied to DoctorDavidHill.com

Enhanced Messaging

The homepage was redesigned to immediately engage visitors with a video and promptly present service offerings. Various examples of Dr. Hill’s acheivements were stragetically exhibited across the new website in the form of written and video content.

Business Rebrand

New branding was initiated to demarcate Dr. Hill’s corporate services from those of his medical practice. Content messaging, color palette, and logo were all reformulated to fittingly present his corporate services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Results from our SEO audit guided our team to re-focus content efforts to what’s actully being sought by Search engine users. Our SEO comparison with market challengers revealed competitor weaknesses and untapped opportunities that we emphatically leveraged.

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