A Case for Fewer & More Productive Meetings

Posted on September 30, 2015

You’re not alone if you feel like a good portion of your work day is a waste.  According to Salary.com, almost all of us are wasting many hours worth of time in meetings each and every week. The average office worker has 62 meetings per month. For half of these meetings, attendees feel their time is wasted (that’s approximately 31 hours per worker per month).

These meetings take away from real work and lowers morale.  In many office environments, workers have reached the level of frustration to where they’re highly motivated to get their career back.  If this is you, Moz.com’s article (by Marta Turek) on gives excellent recommendations on how to get your work-life back on track.

Get your work-life back on track here.


Written by Peter La Fond

Having lived most of his life in Northern California, Peter consults for organizations of all sizes on Internet marketing engagement, strategy and execution. He regularly speaks on website design techniques and WordPress. Peter is a graduate from California State University, Sacramento, and practices the ancient art of eating sushi with nose-hair-curling wasabi.

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