Small Business Website Hosting

Designed for WordPress sites, our hosting is a great value for small businesses.


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In their rush to implement a digital marketing strategy, 99% of all small businesses purchase more website hosting service than they’ll ever use. Many hosts include online training for beginners or packages for themes or SEO. Because most businesses hire consultants, like us, to perform these functions, these ‘extras’ are unnecessary and almost never used.

No one should have to pay for extras they never use. With our hosting service you won’t.

Why We Provide Hosting…

We are a boutique marketing firm that decided to provide hosting out of necessity.  As our clients leased website space across a potpourri of hosting companies, we found user interface variances amongst the hosts encumbered our ability to accurately draft project timetables. Re-learning the same essential tasks as we moved from one client project to another created an unpredictable provisioning of resources. After employing our standardized hosting interface for WordPress-centric tasks, we’ve been able to streamline resources and pass along more savings to our customers. 


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