When using WordPress, FileZilla Client is my FTP Tool of Choice

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Posted on May 26, 2013

This write-up is a key-read if you’re learning WordPress for the first time. Read the following now so you’ll know where to come later for information on FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

As a new WordPress webmaster or blogger, the need will soon arise to FTP directly into the website server to upload and download files, add or delete directories, and adjust permissions on both files and directories. For inexperienced users of WordPress, the requirement to use FTP will become immediately apparent when setting up child themes.

Never used FTP before?

FTP is a basic protocol for…

  • viewing the hosting server’s file directory structure,
  • moving files around, and
  • uploading/downloading files to and from the hosting server.

Many hosting companies offer an online interface in the cPanel to allow the ability of performing FTP tasks. I’ve yet to use any worthwhile host-provided cPanel FTP interfaces. The ones I’ve used are not intuitive.

We Recommend FileZilla FTP Client

When there’s a need to use FTP, I recommend ‘FileZilla FTP Client’ software. It’s a widely-used free piece of software, developed under the FileZilla open source project, that can run on MS Windows, Mac and Linux. Based on the OS your PC uses, you’ll need to download the proper version.

Learn how to download and install FileZilla FTP Client here…



Learn how to use FileZilla FTP Client

If you’ve never used software for FTP, the FileZilla FTP Client is easy to learn; although it does have a busy interface which may take some getting used to. This link will take you through a tutorial on the purposes of the different windows in the client software and how to use them. https://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Tutorial

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