After you get your Business License, consider Website Marketing!

My Internet Scout offers cost-effective website design and marketing services for businesses just starting out.

Do you lack the time or expertise for marketing?

We’re here to help.  When your business launches, customers will need to know you exist.  And once they know about you, they’ll want to learn more about your offerings.  Phone books are no longer worthwhile for marketing; they’re now relegated to the recycle bin.  The search engine has become the primary venue for finding goods and services. My Internet Scout can ensure that a skillfully thoughtout website will differentiate your business from the competition.

An Effective Website is about Messaging!


When your organization considers a new website project, consider these two questions…

> What are your overall business goals?


> What is the primary purpose of your new website?

Although many designers use wireframe mockups to present website ideas, many visual aspects of a website, such as a homepage slider, are difficult to envision in a static presentation. For this reason, we’ve put together several “live” website mockups for our customers to preview. Our mockups showcase customizable design elements that are imperceptible in a wireframe illustration.

Below are links to a few of our web site design mock-ups. As you preview these mockups, keep these points in mind…

  • The Mockups… The purpose of these mock-ups is for illustrating design ideas only – much text is nonsensical latin (lorem ipsum), used as a placeholder to demonstrate the graphical and design elements.


  • Customization… Background colors, images and patterns can be customized.
  • What’s My Internet Scout’s Design? The Chameleon design is used for our main site ( ). Take note on how the sites feel when backgrounds are different.
  • The Homepage Slider. Every design has a ‘Slider’ function to rotate through pages – slider pages can either showcase static webpages that rarely change (such as, the ‘About Us’ page or ‘Our Services’ page) or the most recent 3 or 4 blog articles you’ve published.



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