Thank You for Your Order!

Your Website Hosting order is received and in queue to be processed.

In an effort to prevent fraudulent transactions from cluttering our servers, our team approves all hosting orders by hand. We fulfill individual orders within one business day (our target time for this is under 60 minutes). You’ll know your website host order has finished processing once you receive your host account information email.

What to look for in your email inbox

  • Invoice for the balance
  • Payment receipt for balance
  • PayPal transaction receipt
  • Website Host Account information (following PayPal payment confirmation)

Did you Hire Us to Build

a Complete Website?

If your company has tasked My Internet Scout with providing a complete turn-key website solution for you, there’s nothing more for you to do for the setup.  We’ll take it from here.  This step is the first of many in order to get your website up and running.  Expect to hear from us soon.

Have questions?  Please email us at

Are You Building Your Own Website?

If you’re using our service solely for website hosting, please be patient.  We have a 60-minute target for getting account information emailed; however, we sometimes have a heavy workload and it sometimes takes longer.  Now, as you wait for your order confirmation, is a perfect time to point your Domain to our hosting servers.  Use the following servers as your primary and secondary DNS destinations.  It usually takes 6-12 hours (sometimes longer) for a typical domain provider to update their servers once you (the customer) update your domain account information.

Primary server:
Secondary server:

Have questions?  Please email us at

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