Landing Pages

Business owners and salespeople understand it’s more efficient to sell to existing clients than to find new customers.  Unfortunately, businesses lose between 12 and 20% of their customer base every year; and that means there’s a constant need to acquire new customers.

Acquiring new customers is an expensive undertaking.   It frequently requires both hiring sales people and executing a well thought-out marketing plan.  

Get Customers with Conversions

The use of landing pages is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to set a marketing campaign on fire.  The purpose of a landing page is to ‘convert’ a prospect into taking an action.  What’s considered to be a ‘conversion’ is defined during the planning stages of a landing page campaign.  A conversion can be considered a product purchase or as a newsletter signup.  The power of landing pages is that even if the landing doesn’t make an immediate sale, a business can capture customer names and contact information for future use.

Click Image to view live landing page.

My Internet Scout builds inexpensive landing pages for companies in different industries.  We integrate them within Internet touch-points (Google Places, Yelp, Insider Pages, Bing Listings, etc.,…) experiencing high traffic volume.  Our custom landing pages capture traffic from these sites like a windmill captures energy from the wind.

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